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CHIFOO 2015 Graphics & Brochure


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From 2014-2017, Avocational Design’s owner, Kathryn Kupunihi, worked as Communication’s Chair for CHIFOO (Computer Human Interaction Forum of Oregon, a local ACM SIGCHI group). CHIFOO’s a non profit dedicated to Human Computer Interaction (HCI) professionals in Oregon and SW Washington. HCI is not new, but it is exciting.

Each year CHIFOO chooses a speaker series theme for the year and then plans accordingly. Working as CHIFOO’s Communication Chair, it was important to design a brochure that reflected the theme choice for the year and the then CHIFOO brand.

Avocational Design created the brochure, images, web content/social media copy, color scheme, and concept for CHIFOO’s 2015 Speaker Series, “Gamefully Employed: Innovation At Play” after the speaker series was compiled by CHIFOO’s Program Chair.


Take a look.

Website and Print Graphics

SVG images were created for the 2018 speaker series based upon images sent in from each speaker and created with Adobe Illustrator. All coloring for the images was pulled from the CHIFOO brand identity elements. All images needed to work for both the series brochure and the website.

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Rustic Wedding Graphic Work

Rustic Wedding Graphic WorkPhoto of Graphic Work


Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue! On this occasion, I provided something new.

Putting together a fun and not expected wedding portrait was a treat- especially since the bride and groom are great people.

Materials were easily sourced- it was the vector files that took a bit of time to construct, but as you can tell I got it working. We (the planners of this bride’s bridal shower) used the graphic also for bridal shower invites.


But I digress, here are some in progress photos of the work.

I printed out the full profile and cut out the positive space of each face, so that I could use the negative space as a stencil. I think the end product was worth the time.

lyssia and kyle final

Creation of Signs for Artifact at US Bank

CAM00342-1 CAM00348-1 IMG_20140331_145631 CAM00351


Amazing what a little spray mount, some plotted prints and a trip to the Rebuild Center will create. Very pleased with the results- I only wish that I had gotten a photo of the outside at night (the lanterns glowed).

Before and After Advertising Work

Before and After Work

Featured are images that I worked on for various clients that illustrate my Photoshop image manipulation skill set.

Artifact: Creative Recycle


Original Image

Before Image


Print Advertisement


The photo was missing half of the rug and bag (among other things). It also had many other unwanted objects in frame; boots, plants and background wall were eventually erased from the photo. I intensified the color, lightened certain parts of the source photo and added boots and graphics to finish off this advert.

Original Photo: Fabio Prieto & Leah Meijer

Model: Halla Williamson

Sirius Media LLC

These images were created while working with Sirius Media LLC for Northwest Wools.


Original Image


Print Advertisement



The client asked for the scarf image and the paper image to be put together in the same image.

In order to keep the bright and warm feel of the scarf and keep the unique type of the text and logo, I decided to place the two together so that the paper image looked like a paper business card/label on the scarf. I mostly used masking, layer adjustments, vector selections, and transformation tools with light painting and dodging.

Original Photo: Jackie Kraybill

Scarf: Silloway Weaving