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Print Design | Graphic Design | Website Graphics | Illustrator Images | Brochure

Avocational Design created the graphics for CHIFOO’s 2017 Speaker Series, “Thriving in Chaos”.

The designs for the layout, accompanying images, color scheme, the brochure and concept were modeled after the speaker series was compiled by CHIFOO’s Program Chair. We also completed the accompanying web content, images and social media copy for CHIFOO’s 2017 Speaker Series.

Graphic Design

Take a look at some of the speaker series images.

Website and Print Graphics

SVG images were created for the 2017 speaker series based upon images sent in from each speaker and created with Adobe Illustrator. All coloring for the images was pulled from the CHIFOO brand identity elements. All images needed to work for both the series brochure and the website.

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