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Rose City Yarn Crawl

Website Redesign

Rose City Yarn Crawl

Sirius Media and Avocational Design collaborated on the Rose City Yarn Crawl website redesign in 2016. The Rose City Yarn Crawl (RCYC) website needed to be more responsive, easily navigable, and edited. The website needed to reflect the personality of RCYC attendees and local businesses of the RCYC cooperative that ran it. The front end web was designed to be clean, easy to use and capitalize on the RCYC’s preexisting content. Lastly, the backend UI design was updated to be more navigable and utilize WooCommerce.

Design Ideation

While brainstorming the informational architecture of the site, it was important to consider the flow of the user’s experience. Luckily, we had been able to meet with multiple members of the Rose City Yarn Crawl board and local knitters that had used the site in the past- we focused on the user’s journey from actual people that used the site. The image above is a glance at one of the iterations of the simple site-map layouts.

Site Architecture


Some key project requirements were that site front-end users (people using the site for information and purchasing products) and site content-contributors (Rose City Yarn Crawl committee/board members) could use the site on multiple platforms and be able to quickly look up site content. The wireframes were created to demonstrate how the site map would flow for both kinds of users. The system was designed to flow from one venue and event to the next, so that each venue would be equally represented and events and patterns for purchase at each venue would be easy to find.

Visual Design

The Rose City Yarn Crawl provided us with their logo, a large library of professional knit and crochet pattern images, and inspirational website examples for us to gain design cues from. We worked with the committee to come up with the rest of the design elements. We considered how each color, transition, type, etc would contribute or detract from the UI of the site, the design preferences of the committee, and the site’s ease of use.

Site Feel

Visual Design

 We went through multiple rounds of visual design development before arriving at the final design choice. The ultimate goal was to make sure that the site was responsive, easy to move through, and consistent in its design. We came up with a site that features event calendars to easily add and share events, interactive maps, slideshows showcasing knitting and crocheting images,  incorporated ecommerce, and an interactive patterns page.