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John Matthew PDX

Website Creation

Matthew John PDX

Avocational Design has just finished creating a responsive website for Matthew Wagner, Matthew John PDX. The Matthew John PDX website needed to be responsive, have a smooth navigation, have an easy to use contact form, and be easy to add blog posts. The website needed to reflect a feeling of tranquility and professionalism to reflect the energy coaching that Matthew conducts. Lastly, the site needed to allow for expansion of its functions ie event’s calendar, newsletters, and online payment.

Site Architecture

Site Map and Wire Frames

The key requirements of this site are making sure to keep the content easily navigable while conveying a cohesive message of tranquility for the site’s users. After discussing what the business owner was looking for, looking into site work research he had completed previously, and doing individual research into this site type- it became apparent that the site needed a single page layout with anchor links. After determining some site constraints, the design of the sitemap had to focus on key parts of Matthew’s practice (About, Services, Contact, and Blog). The wire frames to the left are based on the site layout above.

Visual Design

The visual design for this site needed to convey a sense of tranquility and simplicity, so the site’s visual elements incorporate a monochromatic palette and large inspirational images with soft call to actions and quotes. Matthew provided the small simple round graphics and images of his himself and excursions to the Andes. As you can see the site is still in production and is following the below visual design layouts that have been approved by the client closely.