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CHIFOO Rebranding & Website

CHIFOO Rebrand

Website Redesign | Graphic Design | Wire Frames | Responsive Design | Branding | UX

The rebranding of CHIFOO (Computer Human Interaction Forum of Oregon) had been in discussion for years. The plan to restructure and rebrand came to a head in 2015 when the website began crashing and its back-end administration began to unravel. The process of rebranding CHIFOO began in 2015 when CHIFOO’s board members discussed its history, goals, and mission with Avocational Design.

Avocational Design and a team of dedicated CHIFOO board members launched the new site and logo in January of 2016 to go along with CHIFOO’s 2016 Speaker Series. CHIFOO was thrilled with having a responsive, clean and modern website.

Design Process

Take a look at some of the process.

Logo Redesign

First to be addressed were sprucing up of the logo and brand elements that were iconic to tech but had become slightly dated. The logo needed to symbolize the commitment that CHIFOO had to its community of members, its intellectual and thought-provoking speaker series, and be bold and simple enough to set it apart from the many other HCI/UX meetups happening locally and globally. Avocational Design submitted many possible logos and went through rounds of edits and reviews with the CHIFOO board to come up with its new logo. The logo is based after the power button icon for computers/phones/etc; the speakers that CHIFOO painstakingly schedules for each year’s speaker series give thought provoking lectures that turn listeners on to new ideas and technology. The human figure is at the center of the logo since CHIFOO is focused on helping educate academics, practicing professionals, students, and HCI enthusiasts.

Site Map | Wireframes

Next came the redesign of the website itself. After the completion of research of similarly community oriented/tech websites, a few drafts of a new IA, and many long discussions, we began work on implementing the website design. We went through multiple example wireframes of possible website themes and looks that would convey a welcoming “vibe”, a sense of community, and updated modern feel.