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Website Redesign

Genesis Tech Sales

Sirius Media and Avocational Design collaborated on the Genesis Tech Sales website redesign in 2017. The Genesis Tech Sales website was running as a basic HTML site and needed to be more responsive, easily navigable, and edited. The website needed to easily convey its product line, where they could order and have a contact form. The front end web was designed to be clean, easy to use and capitalize on the Genesis Tech Sales preexisting content. Lastly, the backend UI design was updated to be more navigable.

Design Ideation

The business owner wanted a single page layout with anchor links for ease of use and making the product lines easier to update and view. He had pointed out a few websites that he liked the look and feel of, gave a deadline, and we were off. The construction of the site went quickly since it was a one page layout. We communicated with the client throughout the process for approval and buy-in of the design.

Site Architecture

User Flow and Wire Frames

Key requirements for site creation were that it be responsive and have a smooth user experience for clients and potential clients to look at the business’s product line. We thus decided upon Divi, a wordpress theme, that has a simple and smart layout for setting up a single page website layout. Pictured are the website wire frames set up for the first draft of the single page layout.


Visual Design

Genesis Tech Sales provided us with a lot of freedom to create their website. In collaboration with the owners, we made two single page website visual designs. The first draft, pictured below on the left, was initially the site that was going to go up,but the owner wanted it to be a little more “techy”, thus we went with the second visual design draft that incorporates a lot more blue and black hues and plays with type size more. Both utilize anchor/jump links and a simple IA.