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Rumor has it you have an upcoming design project. Please take a look at some of Avocational Design’s past design work to see if we might be able to help you.

Center Stage Clothiers Website

Center Stage Clothiers was in need of a multi-paged website that conveyed its classic Hollywood pizzazz while connecting its fantastic costume collection to the production companies, actors, and fabulous people that needed it the most. It also needed to be able to layout a large amount of information for renting costumes and rent the store space for private events.

CHIFOO 2018 Brochure & Graphics

Avocational Design created the brochure and graphics for CHIFOO’s 2018 Speaker Series, “Do The Right Thing: HCI in Ethics…Where do we start?”. All graphics were created as vector file paintings.

High Five Properties Website

High Five Properties LLC needed a fast and reliable UI for both its admin and users, and the website needed to reflect the bubbly attitude of its owners and personable quality of the brand. This website design mixes a clean and friendly environment with bright splashes of colors in order to capture the professional nature of the company and the exuberance of the Portland community.

John Matthew PDX Website

The Matthew John PDX website needed to be responsive, have a smooth navigation, have an easy to use contact form, and be easy to add blog posts. The website needed to reflect a feeling of tranquility and professionalism to reflect the energy coaching that Matthew conducts. Lastly, the site needed to allow for expansion of its functions ie event’s calendar, newsletters, and online payment.

Rose City Yarn Crawl Website

Sirius Media and Avocational Design collaborated on the Rose City Yarn Crawl website redesign in 2016. The Rose City Yarn Crawl (RCYC) website needed to be more responsive, easily navigable, and edited. The website needed to reflect the personality of RCYC attendees and local businesses of the RCYC cooperative that ran it. The front end web was designed to be clean, easy to use and capitalize on the RCYC preexisting content. Lastly, the backend UI design was updated to be more navigable and utilize WooCommerce.


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